Nankai University Graduate Programs Brochure

Period of Schooling:

Master’s Degree: 2-3 years;

Doctoral Degree: 3-6 years.


1. Non-Chinese citizens above the age of 18 and in good health;

2. Master’s Degree applicants must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.

3. Doctoral Degree applicants must have a Master’s Degree.

Application period

March 1 to April 30 (Chinese Medium programs);

March 1 to May 31 (English Medium programs.)

Application Materials

1. Register at to fill out online application and print out“Nankai University Application Form”;

2. Submit all the required documents to International students’ Section;

  A. “Nankai University Application Form

  B. Highest diploma (notarized photocopy);

  C. Official transcripts;

  D. A study or research plan in either Chinese or English (no less than 800 words);

  E. 2 letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors;

  F. Official HSK certificate level 5 or above (Or be required to take the Chinese Language Exam),

College of Chinese Language and Culture

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics/Chinese   Lexicology

School of Literature

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics/Literature and   Art/Chinese Lexicology /Chinese Ancient Literature/Chinese Ancient   Philology/Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature/Chinese Minority   Language and Literature/ Comparative Literature and World   Literature/Comparative Linguistics

College of History

Archaeology and Museology/Historical   Bibliography/Ancient Chinese History/Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

Faculty of Philosophy

Chinese   Philosophy/Foreign   Philosophy/Logics/Ethics/ Religious Studies

College of Foreign Languages

English Language and Literature/Russian Language and   Literature/Japanese Language and Literature/Foreign Linguistics and Applied   Linguistics

Law School

Law Theory/ History of Law/ Constitution and   Administrative law/Criminal Law/Civil and Commercial Law/Procedural   Law/Economic Law/Environmental and Resources Protection Law/ International   Law/Master of Law

ZhouEnLai School of   Government

Political Theory/ Chinese Politics and Comparative   Politics/ International Politics/ International Relations/ Diplomacy/   Sociology/ Demography/ Anthropology/ Ethnology/General Psychology/ Applied   Psychology/ Public Administration/ Social Security

School of Economics

Political Economics/ History of Economic Thought/   History of Economics/ Western Economics/ World Economy/ Population, Resource   and Environment Economics/ Regional Economics/ Fiscal Science/ Finance/   Industrial Economics/ International Trade/Labor Economics/ Econometrics/   Insurance/ Financial Engineering/Actuarial Science

Business School

Management Science and Engineering/ Accounting/   Enterprise Management/ Tourism Management/ Technical Economics and   Management/ Corporate Governance/ Human Resources Management/ MBA/ Library   Science/ Archives/ Information Science

College of Mathematical   Science

Fundamental Mathematics/ Numerical Mathematics/   Probability & Statistics / Applied Mathematics

Institute of Physics   &TEDA Applied Physics School

Theoretical Physics/ Particle and Nuclear Physics/   Condensed Matter Physics/ Optics/ Optoelectronic Information Science and   Technology/Bio-medical Informatics/ Biophysics/ Measurement Technology and   Instruments

College of Information   Technical Science&College of Software

Operational Research and   Cybernetics/Optics/OpticalEngineering/Physical Electronics/ Microelectronics   and Solid State Electronics/Communication and Information System/Signal and   Information Processing/Control Theory and Control Engineering/Detection   Technology and Automatic Equipment/Mode Recognition and Intelligent   System/Computer Architecture /Computer Software and Theory /Computer   Application and Technology/Software Engineering

College of Environmental   Science and Engineering

Environmental Science/ Environmental Engineering/   Environmental Management and Economics

College of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry/ Analytical Chemistry/ Organic   Chemistry/ Physical Chemistry/ Polymer Chemistry & Physics/ Biochemistry/   Refined Chemicals/ Materials Physical Chemistry/ Pharmacy chemistry

College of Life Sciences   &TEDA School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

Bioinformatics/Botany/Zoology/Polymer Chemistry and   Physics/ Microbiology/ Genetics/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology /Ecology

College of Pharmacy

Chemical Biology/ Pharmacy chemistry

School of Medicine

Physiology/ Biomedical Engineering / Anatomy and   Embryology/ Immunology/ Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics/ Medical Imaging and   Nuclear Medicine / Obstetrics and Gynecology/ Surgery/ Clinic Stomatology

Non-nativeEnglish speakers should provide TOEFL (above 87) or IELTS (above 6.5) to apply for the English program.

  G. 3 recent passport-sized photos

  H. One photocopy of valid passport

  I.  Electronic recent photo named with your name (bmp. form,150*200 pixel) sent to

  Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English;

3. Application FeeCNY 600

Entrance Examination

Date of Examination

The last ten-day period of   May

Venue of Examination

Nankai University

Subjects of Examination

Chinese or English Language

Organized by the Graduate   School;

3-hour written test

Comprehensive Test

Interview or written test   conducted by the corresponding schools or colleges

Tuition and Fees

Master’s Degree


(two-year programs)


(three-year programs)








Software Engineering


Doctoral Degree







Registration fee(one-time only): CNY600

Nankai University shall   reserve the rights to modify the tuition and other fees.

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