The Confucius Institute at Los Andes University, Colombia

Since signed the agreement and held the opening ceremony in November, 2007, under the support and help of Hanban, the Chinese partner university-Nankai University, Embassy of China in Colombia and Los Andes University, our Confucius Institute has made many significant achievements in the aspects of language teaching, Chinese culture teaching, cultural activities, school exchanges, teaching material writing and etc., and has been recognized and highly praised by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and all parties.

Madam Xu Lin were posed for pictures with volunteers

Prof. Gong Ke, President of Nankai University, and Prof. Pablo Navas, President of Los Andes University, Colombia

Prof. Guan Naijia, Vice-president of Nankai University attended the opening ceremony of Confucius Institute at Los Andes University, Colombia

The teaching materials: Chino Paso a Paso 1

Chongqing Arts Troupe performance

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