Academic Seminar at the School of Finance

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On 29 December 2015, Professor Puyang Sun, full professor from School of Economics at Nankai University presented his latest work “Foreign Entry Deregulation and Exchange Rate Disconnect: Theory and Evidences”, at the invited academic seminar series in School of Finance.

The main research question in this paper is: Does foreign entry deregulation affects Chinese exporters’ exchange rate pass-through? To address this question, Professor Sun and his coauthor provide a structural framework to examine these mechanism and show empirical evidences with a number of micro-and macro-level comprehensive datasets involving Chinese exporters’ transaction information from 2000 until 2013. Their findings suggest that the foreign entry regulation influence on Chinese exporters operation through the marginal cost channel contributes substantially-reinforcing and amplifying the markup channel to low aggregate pass-through. After the presentation, Associate Professor Zeguang Li, from the School of Finance, provided a brief discussion about this paper. He brought some comments and suggestions for the further improvement of this paper.

Professor Puyang Sun, full professor in School of Economics at Nankai University.His research interests cover International Economy, Develop Economy and et. al. He has published his research papers on both top international and Chinese academic journals. Meanwhile, Professor Sun also leads or takes parts in several projects supported by National Social Science Foundation of China.

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