Overall Opening of the Nankai—Gens Box

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“Nankai—Gens Box joint innovation space for young people”, the second stage of the Nankai Gens Box innovative and entrepreneurial practice base was finished and came into service. Covering 3000 square meters, the newly-built Gens Box is inter connected with the former one which stands in the west of it. After being completed, the whole youngsters’ innovative and entrepreneurial center covers 5000 square meters, which houses 50 entrepreneurial teams and 200 members at the same time. 

   Gens Box was composed of 4 parts, i.e. Gens Box innovative space, Gens Box innovative achievements joint service center, Gens Box micro innovation laboratory and famous entrepreneur working station, aiming to provide young entrepreneurs with systemic, comprehensive and whole industrial chain service. The interaction of these four parts can better help students turn their ideas into products, thus promoting the result-oriented transformation. 

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