Nankai University Team Wins the First Prize of the 14th “Challenge Cup”

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From November 16th to 20th, hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, China Association for Science and Technology and Education Ministry, the finals of the 14th “challenge Cup” extracurricular scientific work competition among university students was held at Guangdong University of Technology. The work of Business College students Guo Yiqun and Bei Xinyue, named the Researching and Exploring of Promoting the Ecological Greenhouse Grass Planting Mode in the Western Area of Inner Mongolia---Based On the Investigation and Practice in the Dengkou County of Inner Mongolia stood out and won the first prize from 783 works around China, being the only first prize work in Tianjin. Meanwhile, 3 works from Nankai University won the third prize and Nankai University won excellent organization award.

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