Faculties and Students of Nankai University Mourn Mr. Luo MingQi

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   On 14 November, Mr. Luo Mingqi, alumnus in the year of 1947 passed away at the age of 91. To comply with his last wishes, his body was donated without mourning hall and farewell ceremony. On 18 November, faculties, students and alumni voluntarily held the mourning meeting.
   President Gong Ke, as the representative of Nankai series schools, wrote the elegiac couplet: “He loved his country and cared for young people; he was open and aboveboard to fulfill the spirit of Nankai throughout his life. His spirit will last forever and encourage the later generations”. Zhang Yuanlong, standing committee of the CPPCC, vice president of Nankai Alumni General Association and grandson of former president Zhang Boling hoped that people of Nankai can carry forward the Nankai spirit as Mr. Luo’s will. Representatives on behalf of the alumni, Mr. Luo’s students, best friends, family members, students subsidized by Mr. Luo and Nankai Middle School expressed their grief in different ways.

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