100 NKU Students Invited by Huang Xingguo to the Tour of “Charming Tianjin”

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On June 27, a hundred NKU students were invited by Huang Xingguo, Acting Party Secretary and Mayor of Tianjin, to a one-day investigation of “The Tour of Charming Tianjin by NKU Students”. During the tour, NKU students appreciated the unique charm of Tianjin by appreciating the city’s deep historical and cultural foundation, the rapid development, the abundant opportunities and the city’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the evening, Huang Xingguo granted an interview with the visiting group at Tianjin Yingbin Hotel No.6. Professor Xue Jinwen, Secretary of the CPC Committee of NKU, and Professor Gong Ke, President of NKU, as well as city leaders Yin Deming, Duan Chunhua, Zhu Liping, Zong Guoying and Cao Xiaohong participated in the talk. Zhang Zhiqiang, Secretary-General of Tianjin, and Zhang Ya, Vice Party Secretary of NKU, led the group’s inspection for the whole day.

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