NKU Releases Heartfelt Guidebook for Employment Instruction for the First Time

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Graduation ceremonies for the 2015 session undergraduates and postgraduates were held respectively on June 25th and 26th at Sports Centre, where 3262 undergraduates and 4600 postgraduates will be setting out for a new journey. The ceremony was attended by University leaders XueJinwen, Gong Ke, Liu Jingquan, Zhang Shiqi, Yang Kexin, Zhang Ya, Xu Jingjun, Tong Jiadong, Guan Naijia, Zhu Guanglei, Sun Guangping and assistant principal Wang Lei, who then presented graduation diplomas and degree certificates to graduates.

University president Gong Ke urged the new graduates in the speech that graduates should love the world, the nation, and be promising and diligent, in order to contribute to the society.

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