NKU School for Financial Sciences Established

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The establishment ceremony of NKU School for Financial Sciences was held on June 16th at Main Building Auditorium, attended by Tianjin deputy mayor Yan Qingmin, former deputy mayor Wang Shuzu, NKU Party secretary XueJinwen, president Gong Ke, vice Party secretary Zhang Ya, and vice president Tong Jiadong, Guan Naijia, Zhu Guanglei. Around 500 people, including alumni of NKU financial sciences faculty, University students and teachers, and people from various circles of society witnessed this historical moment. The international seminar “Chinese financial development facing the world” and the round table meeting “Worldwide Chinese financial education” were also held on the same day.

NKU School for Financial Sciences consists of 6 teaching and 4 researching institutes, including international finance faculty, applied finance faculty, quantitative finance faculty, financial economy faculty, venture management and insurance faculty, actuary faculty, financial researching institute, quantitative finance institute, mortgage credit institute, and venture management and insurance institute. 1329 students would be in the school, including 817 undergraduates, 223 researching postgraduates, 195 taught postgraduates, 87 PhDs and 7 overseas students.

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