By 2010, Nankai University.Founded in 1919, Nankai University is one of China’s most prestigious universities providing a dynamic academic environment and a vast range of opportunities to its students through various programs, class sizes and teaching methods.

Among the over 1,500 faculty members, 90 are currently members of the Chinese Academy of Science or members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. These nationally renowned scholars, along with other experts in various fields, under the motto of “ Anyone from the Nankai University would have not only high profile expertise and knowledge but also the spirit to serve for people and society with the knowledge acquired from the Nankai University ”, head the academic development of the University and provide an exceptional learning experience and research resources for the over 30,000 students enrolled at Nankai.

The university’s educational programs range from Liberal Arts, History, and Economics to Science and Engineering in a total of 11 fields, all programmed into 17 Colleges. At Nankai University there are a total of 61 Undergraduate, 116 Masters, 75 Doctoral and 13 Post-doctoral programs. Under the full support of the Central Government’s Ministry of Education, Nankai University operates 13 Science Research Centers aimed at fostering highly educated and trained individuals.

Nankai University is set on a beautiful campus on 1.5 million m2 of land located in the city of Tianjin, the third largest city in China and neighboring Beijing. The school’s libraries also preserve over 3 million books and references.

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